I describe myself as incurably curious. I love listening to people talking about something they’re passionate about– whether it directly relates to my professional career or not and whether it is a topic that I consider myself expert at or complete newbie. It is nice to get new related and unrelated skills, as well as solidify existing understanding.

Here are all the things I do to stay current & boost my skills:

  • Attend Conferences
  • Attend Meetups
  • Read Books
  • Training Sessions/Bootcamps
  • Watch/Listen to Video/Podcasts
  • Watch Remote Conferences/Meetups
  • Watch Webinars



Event Date Affiliation
Builder Basics: Headers and Footers in Full Site EditingApr 12WordPress Social Learning
Hello Blocks! Coding a Custom BlockMar 28WordPress Social Learning
Beginner’s Guide to Full Site EditingMar 15WordPress Social Learning
Understanding DisplayMar 14Conffab
Cool Tools for PHP DevelopmentJan 13MergePHP


Event Date Affiliation
This Week in WordPress #190Dec 20WP Builds Live
State of the Word 2021Dec 14WordPress
BU Training: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Foundations, working agreements, cultural norms & dominant culture. Intersectionality & positionality, biases, equity & justice, racism, micro-aggressions.
Nov 3
Nov 10
BU Organizational Development and Learning
WP Café #11: Building Twenty Twenty-OneApr 06WP Cafe
Elevate Spring Summit on Engineering LeadershipMar 11Plato
Women: listen, learn, share, and hold my hand!
Interview with Gabriela Mayer
Event Info | Video
Mar 11Microsoft Reactor Sydney
How to Champion Change for a Better Workplace
Event Info | Video
Mar 10Microsoft Reactor Sydney
Building an Inclusive Tech Community: Hear from Community Leaders
Event Info | Video
Mar 10Microsoft Reactor Sydney
DE{CODE} 2021Mar 04WP Engine
Personalizing the JamstackFeb 25Certified Fresh Events
Thinking in ReactFeb 22ReactTraining.com
Decoding Coding ReactFeb 17Microsoft Reactor Sydney
Recognizing and Rectifying Your Mistakes as an Engineering LeaderFeb 17LeadDev
Build Continuous Integration (CI) Workflows by Using GitHub ActionsFeb 16Reactor Sydney
Hour with a Tech RecruiterFeb 11Treehouse Guest Speaker Series
The Case for Web AccessibilityFeb 11Certified Fresh Events
Laying the Foundations for Remote Success: Building an Effective Distributed Team CultureFeb 10LeadDev
Better Virtual MeetingsFeb 9Networkplaceless
Exploring Tailwind CSS
Event Info | Video
Jan 28Microsoft Reactor Sydney
YOU GOT THIS From Your Couch
Event Info | Videos
Jan 16You Got This
LeadDev LiveJan 21LeadDev
Become an Effective Software Engineering ManagerJan 12Leaddev Bookmarked


Event Date Affiliation
WordPress “Mega Meetup”: The “End of 2020” EpisodeDec 22South Florida WordPress Meetup Group
State of the Word 2020Dec 17WordPress
2020 in Review: What We Learned About Remote WorkDec 16Boundless
The Developer’s Pandemic Survival GuideDec 10Certified Fresh Events
Embedding Observability into your Engineering CultureDec 01LeadDev
Jamstack 101: Getting Started with EleventyNov 12Certified Fresh Events
Strategies for Creating Cultures of Innovation in Engineering TeamsNov 11LeadDev
Realizing empathy: Seung Chan Lim in conversationNov 10LeadDev
Working with Large Global TeamsNov 02Women in WP
Disruptions vs. Deep Work: Asynchronous Communication and the Remote WorkplaceOct 15Slack
BridgE Executive Series:
Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower
Oct 14Etsy’s BridgE ERG
Preventing and Managing BurnoutOct 13Networkplaceless
WP Accessibility DayOct 02WPAccessibility
Jamstack 101: Using Gatsby with NetlifyOct 01Certified Fresh Events
Panel Discussion: The Power of Visibility to Unblock CollaborationSep 30LeadDev
Elevate 2020
(Managing Engineering Teams track)
Sep 24Plato
Panel Discussion: Establishing Experimentation as a Core Part of Your Project WorkflowSep 23LeadDev
Panel Discussion: Making the modern CTOSep 09LeadDev
Panel Discussion: Reducing Barriers and Elevating BIPOCSep 08Workplaceless
DevOpsDays ChicagoSep 01DevOpsDays
Building Your First WordPress PluginAug 20PostStatus
How Machine Learning Works: An Intro to Gradient Descent in JSAug 14Certified Fresh Events
New MySQL Features That You May Have MissedAug 13MergePHP
LeadDev Live Summer 2020: Let’s Engineer our FutureAug 12LeadDev / White October Events
Get Moving with GitHub ActionsAug 10Reactor Sydney
WPCampus Online 2020Jul 29-30WPCampus
CodeLand DistributedJul 23DEV & CodeNewbie
Remote Work Communication Challenges – Are You Prepared?
Video | Recap
Jul 15Networkplaceless
Leaders, Put Your People First!Jun 30Let’s Humanize The Workplace
Neuroscience and MotivationJun 26CTO Craft Bytes
A Day of Collective Engagement: Racism and Antiracism, Our Realities and Our Roles
Schedule | Videos
Jun 24BU Diversity & Inclusion
Dealing with People Debt:
How to manage the thorny issues of cultural and team debt, without your team imploding.
Jun 19CTO Craft Bytes
Diversity Reboot 2020: The Future Of The Inclusive WorkplaceJun 15-17PowerToFly
Dealing with BurnoutJun 12CTO Craft Bytes
Live Discussion on Gutenberg Theme DevelopmentJun 11WP Café
COVID-19 and the LGBTQIA+ ExperienceJun 10BU Diversity & Inclusion
WP Engine Summit/2020Jun 10WP Engine
How to Foster a More Inclusive EnvironmentJun 9PowerToFly
WordCamp EuropeJun 5-6WordCamp
WordSesh AmericasMay 27WPSessions
Managing The Current Uncertainty for WP Agencies [Live Panel Discussion]May 21WebDev Studios
JAMstack FTWMay 15Certified Fresh Events
Falling in Love with the Command Line and GitHub CLIMay 04Certified Fresh Events
CTO Craft Bytes – On Navigating UncertaintyMay 01CTO Craft Bytes
Byteconf React 2020May 01-02Byteconf
Women of React 2020Apr 25Women of React
Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Challenging TimesApr 24BU Alumni
Let Go of Imposter Syndrome and PerfectionismApr 23BU Alumni
How to Get Your Dream Community Job (and Nail the Interview)Apr 22Jono Bacon
Media Manipulation in an Age of QuarantineApr 21BU Alumni
How Servant Leadership Can Help You Connect with Your TeamApr 20PowerToFly
WordCamp Santa ClaritaApr 18WordCamp
Successful Leadership for Managing Remote TeamsApr 16BU Alumni
Innovation is Impossible without Psychological SafetyApr 15Microsoft Reactor Sydney
Remote Work SummitApr 14-16The Remote Life
Lockdown ConfApr 14FreeCodeCamp
Getting SASSy During COVID-19Apr 13 Women in WP
Post Status Live: Effective Agency Management & Client WorkApr 10PostStatus
How to Cultivate Community in Times Like TheseApr 08Samsung Next
Meet the Experts: Tim O’Reilly and David Heinemeier HanssonApr 08O’Reilly
LeadDev Live Spring 2020Apr 07-08LeadDev / White October Events
Going Remote: 24×7 Qps Livestream Q&AApr 05Basecamp
Sustainably Expanding SkillsApr 05Kent C. Dodds
Remote Control SummitApr 04-05Sugar Five Design
The Art of NetworkingApr 03BostonSpeaks
At Home with EFF: An Online Discussion of COVID-19 and Digital RightsApr 02Electronic Frontier Foundation
WPBlockTalkApr 02WordPress.org
How To Communicate On CameraApr 01BostonSpeaks
Managing Your Career in the Age of CoronavirusMar 31BU Alumni
The Art of Listening: Communication and Leadership WorkshopMar 30BostonSpeaks
WordCamp San Antonio 2020 OnlineMar 28-29WordCamp
Working Remotely, SuccessfullyMar 26Miro
Succeeding in Open SourceMar 25Boston PHP
Getting Real About Virtual EventsMar 25Miro
Demystifying PWAsMar 25Certified Fresh Events
Building a More Effective & Less Painful Feedback Dynamic at WorkMar 25BU Alumni
Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Uncertain TimesMar 24PostStatus
WordSesh Asia/PacificMar 23-25WPSessions
Torque Social HourMar 23WP Engine
Live AMA: In-Person to Virtual User GroupsMar 23Miro
Tools for Remote Teams (That Let You Keep Control of Your Data and Privacy)Mar 23Platform.sh
PancakesCon 2020: Quarantine EditionMar 22PancakesCon
LeadDev New York 2019 – Select Videos:
Technical Leadership and Glue Work
Creating a Career Ladder for Engineers
Crucial Career Conversations: a Framework in Practice
Leading Engineering Teams Through Massive Change
Remote-first Teams Work Better
Resilience Engineering Mythbusting
Managing the Burnout Burndown
Mar 21LeadDev / White October Events
Remote Work AMA: Chat with the expertsMar 19Miro
LeadDev Berlin 2019 – Select Videos:
Becoming a Team, One Pixel at a Time
Crafting Effective 1:1s for Distributed Teams
Software Engineering Practices to Improve Management
Cultivating Architecture
Breaking the (Developer) Silos
Writing effective documentation
Creating an Inclusive Engineering Culture
Strategies for Making Impossible Decisions
How to Affect Change Without Losing your Job
Mar 18LeadDev / White October Events
LibrePlanet 2020: Free the FutureMar 14-15Free Software Foundation
Stay Home and Stay Productive: Tips From a Fully Remote CompanyMar 13Greyscalegorilla
Crash Course in Remote ManagementMar 05Vaya Consulting and Automattic
Project Management FundamentalsFeb 25-26Corporate Education Group
World IA Day Boston 2020Feb 22World IA Day
Going ServerlessFeb 21Certified Fresh Events
DE{CODE} 2020Jan 29WP Engine
BostonWP January MeetupJan 27Boston WordPress
Improving Website PerformanceJan 17Certified Fresh Events


Event Date Affiliation
Is Visual Development the Future?Dev 18Certified Fresh Events
backendlessConf_Dec 14Zeit
Week 11-12: Final Projects
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Nov 18JavaScript for WP
Week 10: JS in WP Themes and Plugins
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Nov 11JavaScript for WP
The Perceptive Leader w/ Kathy PearsonNov 5BU Choose to Learn: Live
Week 9: Project – Building a Custom Block
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Nov 4JavaScript for WP
A Guide to Professional Development for DevelopersOct 31Certified Fresh Events
Diversity in Teams w/ Hutch HutchinsonOct 30BU Choose to Learn: Live
Week 8: Block Development
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Oct 28JavaScript for WP
WPCampus Speaker TrainingOct 28WPCampus
The World-Wide WorkOct 22Ethan Marcotte
via the New Adventures Conference
Week 7: Introduction to React
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Oct 21JavaScript for WP
Week 6: Project – Headless JS & WP Site
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Oct 14JavaScript for WP
Week 5: WordPress APIs & JavaScript API Calls
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Oct 07JavaScript for WP
Week 4: Advanced Topics in JavaScript
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Sep 30JavaScript for WP
Week 3: UI Library Project
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Sep 23JavaScript for WP
Week 2: JavaScript in the Browser
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Sep 16JavaScript for WP
Week 1: JavaScript Fundamentals
The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp
Sep 9JavaScript for WP
Leadership Is Not an Option, It’s a Necessity by IBMAug 14Product School
The JavaScript for WordPress ConferenceJul 11-12JavaScript for WP
Why DevRel Matters to YouJun 25Certified Fresh Events
BostonWP June MeetupJun 24Boston WordPress
LeadDev LondonJun 11-12LeadDev / White October Events
Emotional Intelligence 2.0
by Travis Bradberry
Jun 8
Be a Brilliant People Developer
(LeadDev London Workshop)
Jun 10LeadDev / White October Events
BostonWP April MeetupApr 29BostonWP
17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Git and TowerApr 2Tower
BostonWP March MeetupMar 25Boston WordPress
Libre Planet 2019: Trailblazing Free SoftwareMar 23-24Free Software Foundation
Why meaningful content matters in Higher EdMar 21Gather Content
Break Through to a Digital CultureMar 20Gartner
M.A.P. Session 5: Final Presentations
∙ Final Presentation on Change Management Program
Mar 12BU HR
M.A.P. Session 4: Business Acumen, Pt. 2
∙ Negotiation Deep Dive
∙ Executive Presence
Mar 7BU HR
M.A.P. Session 3: Business Acumen
∙ FIERCE Conversations
∙ Change Management & Simulation
Feb 27BU HR
Building and future-proofing your WordPress sites with the Genesis FrameworkFeb 27WP Engine
The Fundamentals of a Higher Education Content Governance PlanFeb 26Gather Content
Dealing with Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome & AnxietyFeb 22Certified Fresh Events
How to Get the Writing DoneFeb 19Gather Content

How Gen Z is Changing EverythingFeb 13WP Engine
Remote: Office Not Required
by Jason Fried
Feb 12
Building relationships for better workflow: getting stakeholder buy-in across a siloed organisationFeb 12GatherContent
An inside look at ContentOps from Cornell, Illinois State and moreFeb 7GatherContent
Effective Workplace Negotiations w/ Moshe CohenFeb 5BU Choose to Learn: Live
M.A.P. Session 2: Your Impact as Manager
∙ Mastering Emotional Intelligence
∙ Diversity & Inclusion (SpeakOUT)
∙ 360 Reviews & Action Plan
Feb 4BU HR
WPCampus Online 2019Jan 31WPCampus

BostonWP Meetup 10 Year AnniversaryJan 28
Boston WordPress
It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work
by Jason Fried
Jan 16
M.A.P. Session 1: Managing Through Others
∙ Fierce Foundations, Feedback, Delegation
∙ Introduction to Coaching, Training & Feedbak
Jan 14BU HR


Event Date Affiliation

Live Q&A: Gutenberg at WordCamp US
Dec 14
Gutenberg Times

Planning Before Pixels: Create with PurposeDec 11
Aquent Gymnasium

Creating Gutenberg
Nov 30
Gutenberg Times
Has Web Development Become Difficult?Nov 27Certified Fresh Events
Ethics in Software EngineeringSep 18Certified Fresh Events
Developing Success – How to continue learning as a developer & learn from your failuresApr 5Certified Fresh Events
Libre Planet 2018: Freedom Embedded Mar 24 – 25Free Software Foundation
LoopConf 2018Feb 21-23LoopConf
Falling in Love with AccessibilityFeb 14WP Engine


Event Date Affiliation
BostonWP October MeetupOct 30Boston WordPress
Going ServerlessOct 20Certified Fresh Events
Exploring JavaScript FrameworksOct 5Certified Fresh Events
BostonWP August MeetupAug 28Boston WordPress
WPCampus 2017Jul 14-15WPCampus
BostonWP June MeetupJun 26Boston WordPress
Out of Office: Work in the Digital Age ’17May 30Human Made
Design and ExclusionApr 21Automattic
Libre Planet 2017Mar 25 – 26Free Software Foundation
React Conf ’17Mar 13 – 14React
The Lead Developer NY ’17
(Archived videos watched on 3/20)
Feb 21White October Events
Musings on the WordPress REST APIFeb 28Pantheon
LoopConf 2017Feb 7 – 8LoopConf
Building Better and more Intuitive Interfaces with the WordPress REST API and AngularJS
(LoopConf 2017 Workshop)
Feb 6LoopConf
BostonWP January MeetupJan 30Boston WordPress
WP Campus Online 2017Jan 23WP Campus


Event Date Affiliation
BostonWP December MeetupDec 19Boston WordPress
CSS4 Grid: True Layout Finally ArrivesDec 14Boston CSS
Bostonwp November MeetupNov 28Boston WordPress
Work Rules!
by Laszlo Bock
Sep 17
Node.JS Boston: let [meetup, month] = [‘Node.JS Boston’, ‘April’]Apr 21Node.JS Boston
Libre Planet 2016: Fork the SystemMar 19 – 20Free Software Foundation
Collaborating with DesignersMar 09Boston CSS


Event Date Affiliation
Future of Web AppsNov 12 – 13Future Insights
Inside Hearst’s New Agile Design ProcessOct 20Monotype
Creating Sustainability in WP Client Handoff & Recovering from a WordPress HackSep 28Boston WordPress
GAME ON! Exploring the Boston Video Game IndustryAug 13Children’s Media Association
CodeConf 2015Jun 25 – 26Github
Design the FutureJun 22 – 24Penn State
The Internet Age – Founders to FutureJun 11ISOC
Analytics SEO UpdatesMay 27Duda
LoopConf 2015May 07 – 08LoopConf
A Better World Through Integrated Testing -and- Building Themes with the REST API
(LoopConf Workshop)
May 06LoopConf
Libre Planet 2015: Free Software EverywhereMar 21 – 22Free Software Foundation
Wild World Web and Styling Forms Semantically & AccessiblyFeb 25Boston Front End Developers
Comparing Static Site Engines with Brian RinaldiFeb 18SFHTML5
The Art of Asking
by Amanda Palmer
Feb 10
Putting the “we” in Januar-we!Feb 04BostonJS
Browser-Based Virtual Reality in HTML5Jan 16SFHTML5


Event Date Affiliation
hack.summit()Dec 01 – 04hack.hands()
An Evening with Dan BricklinNov 20Boston PHP
Open Con 2014Nov 15 – 16Right to Research Coalition & SPARC
Cultural Innovation Day BerlinNov 15ALEX
Ultimate Developer EventOct 30Future Insights
Future of Web AppsOct 28 – 29Future Insights
Boston Quantified Self Show&Tell #BQS17Oct 21Boston Quantified Self
Perf Like a Pirate!Sep 19SFHTML5
Boston Festival of Indie GamesSep 13BostonFIG
JavaScript ArtSep 03BostonJS
Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2014 ConferenceJun 09 – 10Center for Democracy & Technology
May Meetup (Love Shortcodes More, Creating Contributors, and Favorite Plugins)May 19Boston WordPress
Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2014 BostonMay 15Fresh Tilled Soil and Future Insights
Libre Planet 2014: Free Software, Free SocietyMar 22 – 23Free Software Foundation
Edge Conf 2014 LondonMar 21FT Labs and Adobe
Mountain West Javascript 2014Mar 17 – 18Mountain West
Ember all the things!Feb 26Boston Front End Developers
Plugin Roundup and Dev Theme FrameworksFeb 24Boston WordPress
Community Outreach Planning SessionFeb 12LibrePlanet Boston Desktop GNU/Linux Users Group


Event Date Affiliation
Ultimate Developer EventNov 21 – 22Future Insights
Building Client-Side Web Applications with Backbone.JS and Coffeescript
(Ultimate Developer Event Workshop)
Nov 20
Future Insights
Web Unleashed 2013Nov 07FITC
Don’t Go Back to School
by Kio Stark
Oct 20
Open Hardware SummitSep 06Open Source Hardware Association
Ember 1.0 Install FestSep 05Boston Ember.js Group
Data Visualization in the BrowserMay 22Boston Front End Developers
Content Strategy for Mobile
by Karen McGrane
Apr 16
National Conference for Media ReformApr 05 – 07Free Press
The future of JS modules and dependency managementApr 04Boston Javascript
How & Why to Root Your Android Device and/or Install ROMs/RadiosApr 03LibrePlanet Boston Desktop GNU/Linux Users Group
Building a Modern Web Application: Full Stack JavascriptApr 02Intelligent.ly
An in depth look at Object Oriented CSSMar 26Cascade Boston
Libre Planet 2013: Commit ChangeMar 23 – 24Free Software Foundation
BWPM March2012: WordPress/Social & Advanced Meta Box’s in WPMar 18Boston WordPress
Adobe CreateNow BostonMar 11Adobe
Getting Hired and Landing That Dream GigFeb 27Boston Front End Developers
Create Your Own Flexible Grid System & Launching a Career in Front End DevJan 23Boston Front End Developers


Event Date Affiliation
Web Odyssey: 2013 & Front End Performance MattersNov 28Boston Front End Developers
Web Unleashed @ Bentley CollegeNov 08 – 09FITC
Environmental Design on the WebOct 24Boston Front End Developers
HTML5 Prototyping + Using HTML5 to Create Windows 8 AppsSep 26Boston Front End Developers
Building an iOS and Android Application with App CloudJul 25Boston Front End Developers
Adobe Night: Cross-Platform Apps with PhoneGap & A Better WebJun 27Boston Front End Developers
An all-Sass evening: Tips, Tricks and Best-practices on using Sass and CompassMay 23Boston Front End Developers
jQuery: Two New Features That Really Matter and Pragmatic Responsive Web DesignApr 25Boston Front End Developers
Global Censorship Conference at Yale Law SchoolMar 30Thomson Reuters Initiative


Event Date Affiliation
Speaker: Nicholas Zakas on High Performance JavaScriptNov 03Web Performance Boston
Silicon Valley Human Rights ConferenceOct 25 – 26AccessNow
Patent Absurdity Screening at NEIAOct 06NEIA
INET Philadelphia 2011Oct 05Internet Society
jQuery Conference 2011: BostonOct 01 – 02The jQuery Foundation
Software Freedom Day 2011 at NEIASep 02Digital Freedom Foundation
ISOC’s INET Conference NYCJun 14Internet Society
NASA OpenSourceSummitMar 29 – 30NASA
Libre Planet 2011Apr 19Free Software Foundation
National Conference for Media ReformApr 08 – 10Free Press


Event Date Affiliation
Software Freedom Day 2010 at NEIASep 16 – 17Digital Freedom Foundation
Libre Planet 2010Mar 19 – 21Free Software Foundation