Landing Pages Plugin

I conceived & built the BU Landing Pages Plugin around November 2019. For several years prior, we had been using CMB2 and page templates for homepages/landing pages– in order to achieve non-standard layouts including promo boxes, featured news, events, or profiles, and other custom functionality.

Along with the department’s creative director, we identified the most common layouts/components and compiled them into a plugin (still based on CMB2) so that we could stop rebuilding them on a per-project basis. The idea was to keep it as simple as possible with very little configuration needed.


(as of Feb 2020)


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Features & Goals

  • Stop-gap between the timing of non-Gutenberg at BU and eventually integrating Gutenberg
  • It could be activated on our Responsive Framework with no extra coding, styling, or considerations
  • Built for two sites, so original scope was to accomplish those + a few other components we knew would be common
    • There was to be no configuration, no hooks, and no reordering or repeating of components
  • If you fill out a row/component, it shows up
  • Fallbacks for “none found” for the automatic selections, along with notices only viewable to site admins letting them know that
  • Built with our university-standard metabox plugin: CMB2

Default BU Landing Page components

  • Promo set 1
  • Full-width promo
  • Promo set 2
  • News
  • Events
  • “Also in this section” (child page listing)

Future Features

  • Reorderability (sitewide default set via settings page and per-page reordering)
    • Theme constants to lock/restrict the reordering
  • WP Action Hooks to inject additional content


Side-by-side screenshots of the frontend and the editor for a page using the BU Landing Pages template: