Event Notes | Trust and Ethics in the Workplace

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  • Metaphor:
    • Sentry squirrels alarm the group to predators. That sentry is at more risk, but critical to the group. Lack of group trust for the sentry means death to the group.
    • Similar for wolves. Some distract the pray while others attack directly. But they still need to be rewarded by the group for their part– with some food as well.
    • In humans… and organizations…
  • Notice what job descriptions say about trust.
  • Effective teamwork demands trust
  • Article: The Hidden Cost of Control
  • Engineering ethics are not established, ill-defined, and affected by imposter syndrome, performance reviews, etc.
  • Article: Happiness and the Productivity of Software Engineers
  • What if we consistently told management/leadership things like “that is ultimately not good for the client, for society, for our team” etc and were listened to and trusted?
  • Trust > Happiness > Better collaboration & performance