Emotional Labor & “Soft” Skills

Types of emotional labor that everyone (but especially people in management/leadership positions) should participate in:

  • General office culture
    • Creation of special interest groups: both professional (Let’s Learn a New Language Club) and personal (Knitters Lunch)
  • Planning work parties/outings
    • Making sure individuals’ dietary restrictions are accounted for
  • Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, work anniversaries, baby showers, etc.
  • Celebrating project launches
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Helping new employees feel welcomed and included
  • Asking folks to stop saying “guys”
  • Having extra tissues, painkillers, antacid tablets, or a snack bar in case of emergencies
  • Trying to help solve problems that don’t directly affect you
  • Encouraging the use of sick days for “mental health days”